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San Diego Maternity Photographer

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are going to experience some of the most exciting and beautiful moments in life.

For many, one of those moments is when you capture a maternity photoshoot with a photographer. We offer amazing maternity sessions that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while delivering top-quality photos. The best part? We work with every schedule and budget for all of those in need - within San Diego county.

Continue reading to learn more about us, your Maternity session timeline (and what to expect from us), how to schedule/book your appointment, and ultimately why you should choose us as your San Diego Maternity Photographer.

Let's get to it!

San Diego Maternity Photographer

A Little About Us: JnR Photography

San Diego family photographer

My wife (Reyna) and I (Jeff), believe it or not, started our business on the east coast.

I'm from Virginia - Reyna is from San Diego. We met each other in Virginia when Reyna was working for the government. Shortly after starting our relationship - we wanted to start a business together, to unleash the creativity within each of us - but in a business that was both of ours.

I have been drawing off and on for years and Reyna already made jewelry and headpieces (and continues to - LovelyLatinaShop). We knew we could unleash this creativity while helping and meeting new people - all with a camera and a decent lens. We launched our business RavenRealm Productions in late 2018.

**photo to the right (below on mobile), is a drawing Jeff completed a few years ago***

San Diego Maternity Photographer

We started JnR Photography with a focus on video instead of photography.

We gradually shifted toward photography because of the increased freedom in creativity (such as manipulation) and tangible offerings. You can't print a video, the last time I checked. 

In November of 2019, we moved from Virginia to California - JnR Photography was born days after arriving.  We continue to evolve and improve for our new and returning clients. This business is about building relationships and exceeding expectations. We love it!

***Below is one of the first events that we covered as RavenRealm Productions.  It's not very good - but hey, we were beginners!***

What we offer (Maternity, Family Portraits, Newborn Photography, etc.)

San Diego Maternity Photographer

When looking for a San Diego maternity photographer, it's best to know what else they offer other than maternity. This not only gives you options for future sessions (like family or newborn photos) - but it gives you an idea of how well-rounded they are as a photographer.

Well, I'll say, we're pretty well-rounded.

Maternity Photography Session

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

We offer Maternity photography sessions (of course!), and combine our skills from portraiture to fuel different 'looks and feels' for your photos. The final look and feel of your photos, of course, is completely up to you.

We work with and discuss this in detail with every client. We specialize in 'moody/dramatic' portraits but work with whatever you want as a final result. Bright/airy? No problem. Warm/muted? We can do that too! Whatever the need, we will make it happen so you have the beautiful maternity pictures you desire!

Don't worry, we discuss this in detail way before the photo session to ensure we're on the same page. Also, don't worry if you don't know. We iron it all out before the session.

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

In terms of tangible items - we offer digital images, prints of all sizes - as well as framed prints. If you're thinking about combining your Maternity and Newborn session with us (Mommy & Me session) - we offer photobooks of varying costs and quality. Again, all of this will be discussed before your Maternity photo session.

Maternity Photography Session

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

Family portraits are something we've offered from the very beginning. We love getting to know people and building relationships with San Diego families!

Not only that - we get to see families grow up. There isn't anything better than see a family grow both physically and as people. Hearing how great people have been or how they've overcome hard times, is something you can't get in any other profession.

This is why we encourage mothers-to-be to choose us. We're here, and will continue to be throughout the years. We're a team you can trust to capture those memories... year after year documenting your family's growth.

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

One incentive to choosing us as your San Diego Maternity Photographer (instead of someone else) - is your next family session within 6 months is discounted by 30%. You'll want to get new family photos now that you have a new addition to the family! Why not choose us, have a great time and amazing photos, while saving a bit of money at the same time.

Think of us as a one-stop shop when it comes to those important photo sessions before and after giving birth to a beautiful, healthy, addition to the family!

Newborn Photography Session

As a company, we're as transparent as we can be.

As of writing this article (June of 2021) - we have full intentions of offering full newborn photography sessions in the future - but, we don't offer packages for newborn sessions, currently.

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

The reason for this is Covid 19. As you can expect, Covid put strains on all businesses when it was at its peak, both financially and for growth. Not only that, being around people and especially newborns, was dangerous.

Out of respect and to protect those who needed newborn photos - we didn't offer or even imply that we offered the service. If we were asked to do them - we turned them down and advised not to have them done by anyone.

Newborn Photography Session

As of writing this, we're offering limited newborn photo sessions. Meaning, we will not handle your newborn baby and will be wearing masks the entire session. We have ideas for unique photos of your new baby using both flash and natural light.

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

We have hopes to become the San Diego newborn photographer, or at least one of the more prominent ones that people think of when wanting newborn portraits and/or maternity photos. We just need your trust to make that vision come to life.

Please reach out to us to discuss more details of your newborn photography session with us and we can go from there!

Single and Couples Sessions

As you might imagine, if we're offering family sessions, we must offer single/couples sessions as well...

Well, we do!

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

For single subjects, we offer fashion/stylized sessions and senior photos for those in need. We're currently fleshing out our website with reasonable and competitive packages in the San Diego market. We do offer a basic package rate on our website now - just contact us if you have any specific needs and we'll go from there.

We offer couples sessions for those needing engagement, anniversary, valentines, or just because! As stated before, we have basic couples packages on our website now - but if you have any specific needs, please reach out and we will discuss them and go from there.

San Diego Maternity Photographer

Why People Hire Us

For one, we aren't the ones to boast. We find that our actions and results speak for themselves... But! We think it's important that you know that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Through trial and error (and many surveys) - we know why people hire us and why these same clients keep coming back.

Easy process

When we first started the business - we knew how to take great photos - but not really how to run a business. Our booking process wasn't easy - and required you to contact us to book - and verify whether the dates you wanted, worked with our availability. Our payment process through our website was wonky as well - which required us to create an invoice... nothing was automated...

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

That has all changed in the last 6 months. You're now able to choose your session, book (and see our availability), add extras, and pay all in one step.

You're then sent a welcome email with all the information you'll need for your session. Once your photos are done - you're sent a delivery email with instructions to your online gallery.

Again, this process may seem simple - that's our intention - but implementing the systems needed for this, was a lot of work on our part. We're proud to be where we are in this respect.

Your experience is our number once concern

As stated in the previous section, your experience (and ease) is our number one priority.

You'll be met with smiles and a great attitude. We have great confidence in taking photos and have taken enough to know what beautiful photos look like... so, instead of worrying about lighting, posing, etc... we use that effort to ensure you're comfortable and enjoying your session.

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

What kind of music do you love? Awesome, we'll play it during your session. Not very confident in front of the camera? No worries, within 10 minutes (and a few corny jokes) you'll be laughing and thinking of us as friends instead of photographers... Whatever you need, we're here for you. Because the more comfortable you are, the better the experience will be for everyone (and the photos will be better too!)


Think of us as someone that works for you - because it's true. You desire our services and expect us to deliver your vision. Now, how would we ever bring your vision to life, if we weren't available or flexible (in both time and creativity)?

Many business owners that aren't flexible, available, or opened minded to other creatives, never last long.

We're very flexible, and available 7 days a week. Whatever time you book is the time your session would be. Again, our booking process eliminates double booking and booking outside of our booking window.

We're about as reliable as they come.

We haven't missed a single session since being in business. We also haven't had anyone not show up (although a few have been late).

We're very understanding and typically do not charge extra for being late or going over on your session (this could change in the future). This goes two-fold for families with young children. Your lives are very unpredictable, we get it.

We recommend taking a look at our Facebook and Google accounts to see how other customers feel about us. We gladly bend over backward for our clients - and will continue to.

How our business has grown over the last 3 years

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

***The first image was taken in late 2018.  The second image was taken in May of 2021.  Both in natural light (flash would have been even better).  We're come pretty far in such a short amount of time***

If you've read this far in the article and retained the information that I've spit over the last 1,700 words... pat yourself on the back! Thank you! But I'll keep this section short, seeing as you've read a lot about what's changed and the improvements we've made.

But, as you'd imagine, we started with zero clients and now we have consistent returning clients. Simple, right?

San Diego Maternity Photographer

Well, as you'd imagine, it took a lot of work and understanding that this business isn't entirely about photography... it leans more towards relationships and building those relationships over time.

That's how our business has grown - once we realized it's a lot less about the photos and more about making someone feel good about themselves or easing nervousness/tension and just having a great time... that's when we started to grow.

Of course, our photos and ability to know what looks good and what doesn't have improved immensely... but we're more proud of our skills of creating a great time and a stress-free experience. Capturing special moments, family memories, and producing beautiful portraits are just great bi-products of a great time.

Maternity Session Timeline

To make it easier for you and so you don't wonder - we're including a maternity session timeline. This timeline directly represents what you should expect to experience when booking with us for your maternity session in San Diego.

Book/schedule through our website

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

Don't do this now! Read the rest of the article - then follow this link to book your session.

This is step one and very simple. Simply:

  • Choose your package
  • Choose any extras
  • Choose date/time
  • Pay for your session

It's that simple. Check your email afterward for your receipt and any further instructions. You'll also receive text reminders from us. Feel free to reply directly to them, we receive your texts back to the number.

Prepare for your session

This part of the timeline is meant for those who have special requests. In the email that we send you, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any special requests.

If you forget or are too busy - don't worry. We reach out to you to make sure there aren't any.

If there are, we will use this phase to iron out any of your needs, concerns, and discuss any tangible products (prints, albums, etc.)

Your Session Day!

San Diego Maternity Photographer
San Diego Maternity Photographer

Your maternity session will be amazing!

I know we're beating a dead horse here - but it is what we value the most... you.

We'll start the session by introducing ourselves and getting to know you (and anyone else that's tagging along).

We'll then move into breaking down the session itself and going over the different shots we'll take throughout the session. This is to give you a better idea of what to expect and to ensure we're all on the same page!

Once the session is over, the second part of our job starts - editing and delivery.

Just remember, come to the session excited and prepared to have a great time - because you will!

Editing/Delivery/Everything Else

At this point, you've prepared and your session is done. You only need to wait patiently as we work on your photos!

We will send you an update email halfway through editing to let you know how the editing process is going and when to expect your photos to be completely done (normally 5-7 days after the session ends).

We will also talk about when you should expect your prints if you chose to purchase them (usually 2 weeks after all photos are done editing).

You'll then receive your delivery email with all of the instructions to obtain your photos!

Your photos are complete and yours to look back on forever!

How to schedule your Maternity Session with us

We offer maternity sessions to those who reside in San Diego county. To book with us, all you have to do is follow this link here.

You'll then be able to choose the package that works best for you, add any extras (extra photos, time, faster delivery, etc.), choose the date and time, and then pay for your session!

We'll then send you an email and text regarding your session, along with reminder emails and texts.

It's a very simple and smooth process.

We can't wait to meet you and discuss the vision of your maternity session!

That about wraps it up!

We’re so happy you found our article and hope that it has leaned you towards booking with us. If not, we hope we have shed some light on what you should expect from other photographers and how their business should run assuming they care about their clients as much as we do.

If you'd like to know more about us - feel free to check us out here.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see current photos and sessions with other moms-to-be!

If you're on the fence at all when deciding on our services - we encourage you to signup for our newsletter. We share recent shoots, changes, discounts, and free sessions (for upcoming mini sessions or advertisements). We also share tips for better photo sessions with kids or solutions to common problems.

We're here to help in any way we can.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time, stay safe!


Jeff & Reyna

San Diego family photographer