San Diego Halloween Photo Session
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Serving the greater San Diego area, we offer a very unique Halloween Mini Session!

This particular mini-session runs for four weeks prior to Halloween.  We provide props to use during the session.  These include a cape, globe, wand, among others.  We can pickup a few others if requested.  We do not provide actual costumes.  We will also do some light photoshop work to give your photos the "spooky" feel (regardless of conditions during the shoot).  We gauge this on a case-by-case basis.  Be aware - there may be additional charges depending on the extent of the photoshop work needed to bring your vision to life.  We will discuss all of this upon booking.

We are (as of writing this article) one of the very few that offers Halloween Mini's in San Diego - and the only photographers offering this level of quality and experience for Halloween photos.

Every mini session includes:

  • 1 location
  • Up to 3 subjects (including pets)
  • 20-minute session
  • 5 professionally edited photos (that you're able to choose)
  • Addons available (extra photos, subjects, etc.) at booking
  • Private and password protected gallery
  • 7 Day delivery
  • Print release

Take a look at the examples below - Use the contact form on our Contact Page with any questions or requests for booking!

***Images below are of much lower quality (resolution) than your final delivered images.  This is to reduce bandwidth/load on our server and make the page load faster for you!  Your final images will be much higher in resolution.***

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