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Paper Photography Backdrops - Everything You Need To Know!

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August 3, 2021
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Paper backdrops are one of the most popular types of backdrops for photography. They're inexpensive, easy to store, and offers a variety of textures and colors that will work for any photoshoot.

This article is dedicated to those looking for more information regarding photography backdrops made of paper.

After you're done, be sure to check out our pillar article, What Makes A Good Photography Backdrop: The Ultimate Guide. This is where you can find info on everything related to photography backdrops. Heck, there may be material/backdrops you may have never heard of before.

Without further ado, let's get started!

What Are Paper Photography Backdrops Made Of?

Paper Photography backdrops are made of paper. They are usually printed with the backdrop design and sometimes come in multiple pieces that can be assembled like puzzle pieces.

Paper photography backdrops can range from $30 - $100 depending on quality. The cheaper paper backdrops tend to wrinkle or crease after time which is why it's best to invest a little more into something of higher quality.

There's A Reason Paper Is So Popular

One of the primary reasons why paper backdrops are so popular is because they're so versatile. There's no need to have a different backdrop for every photoshoot. Paper is also more affordable than other types of materials like canvas and vinyl, and easier to store in comparison. Paper also offers a variety of textures that allows you to alter the tone and mood of your photo shoot instantly!

This is also why some photographers prefer to use paper backdrops over others. Paper offers a more organic feel that's much different than other materials, and they're easy to work with for professional or amateur photographers alike!

Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless paper backdrops are a type of photography backdrop that doesn't have a seam, gusset or wrinkle for a beautiful and seamless effect. Photography backdrops are usually printed onto paper and then stretched out onto a frame to create different shapes or create interesting scenes. A seamless paper backdrop is one that is made with materials in order to remove any type of creases or wrinkles.

I'm sure you've seen a seamless backdrop at some point - it's usually a roll, on a stand, that drapes down to the floor and extends as far 'forward' as you need it. This is where the seam would be - where the wall meets the floor. Seamless paper eliminates that.

Seamless background paper can be a little more expensive than regular paper backdrops, but it's worth the investment for professional photographs.

You can invest in a seamless paper roll which is a long piece of seamless paper that can be unrolled and then attached to the wall or rolled back up. While the upfront investment may be higher, you're purchasing a larger amount than you would be if purchased in an exact size/length. You can look at this like purchasing in bulk.

Most importantly, it helps a lot by creating smooth and even backgrounds. The best and most trusted on the market today is savage seamless background paper.

Savage Seamless Background Paper

I don't want this article to be a sales pitch for Savage Universal - but I do feel I have to pass the word along about how great their backdrops are.

They're an incredibly well-known and trusted brand and personally, I couldn't be happier with them myself. They come in a very sturdy case, and since they're paper rolls - you can roll them back into the case if you need to. Great for storing after recent photo shoots or family portraits.

They have a great selection of colors and all have a thick paper/cardstock feel to them. You know they're durable and will last when you feel them. They're hands down, one of the best backdrops (and best sellers) available today.

How Are Paper Backdrops Different From Other Materials?

As stated previously, paper backdrops are very versatile and inexpensive. Here is how paper is different from other materials.


Muslin is made of cotton-based fabric which makes them a great option for those who want an all-natural material without sacrificing durability or wrinkle resistance. They are also easy to wash, iron and store! This type of Photography backdrop tends to cost more than paper, but they're worth the investment for professional photographs because they last longer.


If you're looking for an even more natural Photography backdrop, canvas is a great option that gives your photos a unique texture and tone. Canvases are popular among photographers because they can be stretched out to any size or shape which makes them very versatile. This material also tends to cost more than paper backdrops, but they are a more long-term investment.


Vinyl Photography backdrops offer longevity, durability, and protection against creases which is why it's so popular among photographers today. Vinyl can be used in any room or environment, making them an ideal way to add color into your photos without the risk of ruining them with wrinkles. They're also easy to clean and store in the event you don't use them for a while.

Mounting And Using A Paper Backdrop

You can mount a seamless paper backdrop by using a vinyl tape for the borders and taping onto the wall. You can also use 3M Command Strips to hang your Photography backdrops. You don't want the Photography backdrop to obstruct any windows, doors or corners.

You can also use support stands to hold up the Photography backdrop. You'll need to attach it to the sides and then put a clamp on the top of the stand. After that, you can place your Photography backdrops onto the stand and make sure it's at the desired height.

Needless to say, it's very easy to use a standard paper backdrop.

If You Have A Seamless Paper Roll...

This is a little trickier, but it's easily done with a support stand.

I highly recommend a heavy-duty metal support stand (like the one seen above). You can't go wrong with it. The one mentioned is very strong and won't bow in the middle if a heavier roll is placed on it. It breaks down in a couple of minutes if you need to put it away or bring it to/from a location.

Mounting And Using A Paper Backdrop

You can purchase 'prebuild' mountable rails from Amazon and other online retailers - But I have included an article from B&H that will teach you how to build your own backdrop storage rack with very simple materials and tools.

Not only that - it'll cost you less than a roll of backdrop paper and last you longer than anything prebuilt.

What Types Of Photos Can I Take With A Paper Backdrop?

The answer is pretty simple - anything that will fit 'inside' the frame of the backdrop!

We're talking about:

  • product photography
  • commercial photography
  • family portraits
  • single subject portraits
  • cake smashes

... and the list goes on! Again, you can take anything you can imagine with paper backgrounds.

So on your next photo shoot - consider paper as your background material of choice!

Paper Backdrop Video To Close Any Loose Ends


What material is best for photography backdrop?

It really depends on the look and feel you're going for. Every backdrop material has a different look, feel, texture, and overall 'mood' that's set by it. Each material is different in terms of durability and ease of use as well. As far as common materials, these include paper, cotton, muslin, canvas, and vinyl. Paper is the most common used among beginners because of it's cost and ease of use.

What is seamless background paper?

Regular background paper can come in pieces that you have to assemble and piece together.

Seamless background paper is designed to provide a flat-lying surface for Photography backdrops. It can be hung on a wall and its large size lends itself very well to photography, videography, theater backgrounds, and other photographic or theatrical purposes.

It's more commonly used in Photography than others because of how lightweight it is and how easy it is to maintain.

What kind of paper is used for backdrops?

This also depends greatly on the manufacturer. Obviously, the higher the quality the better the paper will be. Most mid-to-upper tier backdrops are made of thick card stock type paper that holds up very well compared to inexpensive paper.

This allows for re-use instead of having to tear or throw the paper away after each use.

What is Savage paper?

Savage is a high-end brand of paper backdrops. They produce some of the highest quality/cardstock-like paper backdrops on the market today. They offer high-end seamless rolls with many different color options.
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