JnR Photography FAQ

Who is JnR Photography and what is your mission?

We’re Jeff & Reyna of JnR Photography.  You can find our ‘About Us’ page here, where we discuss what makes us tick as photographers and why we’re so passionate about what we do. But, in a nutshell, we do what we do because we love seeing growth and progress in our clients.  We cherish returning clients, year after year, for this very reason.  Capturing those years/moments become priceless.  We grow as people and a business, right alongside our clients. Our mission is to continue to grow and continue to maintain the client-focused reputation that so many have grown to love and work with.

Where is JnR Photography located?

JnR photography is a portrait photography business/service out of San Diego, California

Do you have a portfolio/examples of your work?

You can find examples of our work here.  Once you click it you can choose the “type” of photos you would like to see and go from there!  Enjoy!

Do you offer studio sessions?

We do not own studio space – but we rent space on request or if demand requires it. This would include:

  • Peak heat-wave times of the year
  • Specific look/style of shoot that requires a studio
  • Mini-sessions that we offer that are in studio only

Do you do maternity/infant baby photo sessions?

We do not offer maternity or infant baby sessions at this time.  There may be a time in the future when we have enough experience to offer these services.

Pricing requests

We take pricing requests for your specific needs.  If a package that we offer does not meet your needs – contact us to get a quote for what you need and we will go from there.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and cash.

All payments must be made in full prior to starting the session.  Retainers reserve your spot – not to be confused with paying for the remainder of the session after you receive your photos.  All invoices must be paid in full prior to your session starting.

Do you offer add-ons/special requests/extras?

Yes – we offer add-ons/special requests/extras for every session.

Some add-ons are built into packages and can be chosen during checkout.  These include:

  • Extra Pictures
  • Extra Time
  • Extra Location
  • Extra Subject
  • Faster Delivery (Either 3 days or 24 hours)

Am I able to receive digital negatives (RAW files) of my images so I can edit them myself?

Generally speaking, we do NOT sell RAW versions (or the digital negative) of an image.  Now, there are special occasions/circumstances for every situation.  If we do come to an agreement for the purchase of RAW images, there will be a contract signed by everyone involved (you and us) and the starting price of a single RAW image is $250.  If this is something that works with you – reach out to us and let’s chat!

How do you deliver our photos?

We do all communication about your completed images via email.  It is critical to have a good, reliable, working email address.   In the email you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to obtain your photos and absorb your voucher code.  Your photos are then zipped and sent to your email.  You then download them from your email and have them forever!  Too easy!

How long does it take to receive my edited photos?

Our standard delivery time is no later than 7 business days.  The “delivery clock” starts the day after your session

Can I purchase additional photos from my gallery?

Yes.  For instance, we delivered a proofed gallery to you that included 20 pictures.  The package you purchased includes 5 images – but you really like 10 of the pictures and can’t live without them!

The voucher code that’s included in your email will cover the 5 images included in your package – and you would then purchase the other 5 images separately.  This process is all done from within your cart in a couple of steps (no different than buying from amazon and adding a coupon code at checkout).

How much do additional pictures cost?

As mentioned above – there are three ways to purchase additional pictures.

  1. Checkout/booking process
  2. Purchase induvial from the gallery
  3. Purchase entire gallery

There is significant cost savings on options 1 and 3.

  1. 5 extra photos at checkout are $30
  2. Individual images purchased from the gallery $15 each
  3. “Entire Gallery” purchase is 35% off the remaining amount of images after your voucher code is used.  Example: 20 images with a voucher code for 5, makes 15 images you can purchase.  It’s 35% off 15 images at the standard rate. 

The breakdown of that would look like this:

  • 15 images @ $15 = $225 (at normal cost)
  • $225 – 35% = $146.25 (we round to the nearest whole number – this would be $146)

For all the images, you would pay $146 instead of the standard $225.

Obviously, the most cost-effective option is 1 (adding 5 additional for $30) – but you can only add this once.  If you need more than 5 extra, either look at a package that offers more or you can contact us to discuss how many more you will need.

Can/how do I reschedule an appointment?

It’s easy – within 24 hours of your appointment – shoot us a text, email, Facebook, or Instagram message.  You can call if you’d like to as well (the fastest)!  Just tell us who you are and that you need to reschedule and we would be happy to change the date for you!

  • If you paid in full already – you’re done and have nothing else to think about other than your reschedule date.
  • If you chose to put a deposit down on your session instead of paying in full – you will be required to pay the full amount of that session before we’re able to reschedule you.

This “weeds out” people not taking their sessions seriously and “reschedule hopping” on a minimum deposit.  This is the only “rule” that we make no exceptions for.

Do you have any tips on colors or what we should wear to our session?

We are currently working on an article that will dive deep into this topic.

But, from a general perspective – you’ll want to think about the type of session (or end result) – plan your outfit from there.

  • If you want to avoid a dark and serious mood in your photos, do not wear black. Black can change the look of an image completely - often times it is difficult for people trying to achieve bright and happy photographs while wearing black.
  • On the other hand, white clothing works as a contrasting color (not always appropriate) depending on what type of environment that one finds themselves within; be mindful when shooting outdoors during very sunny days or too many lights are shining behind you because this may result in overexposure which will make any editing process more challenging than necessary!
  • "Contrasty" colors (actual dark colors, not black) are great to contrast off of a bright background.  These colors are encouraged during bright shoots or on the beach on a bright sunny day.
  • There are many colors that work well in photography, but there is a certain color palette we recommend for the best photos. Muted blues and purple hues look great against bright backgrounds; these shades should be used during sunny outdoor shoots or on the beach when it's shining brightly outside. If you have an outfit option with muted tones, go ahead and put those clothes on! You'll get beautiful results from your shoot no matter where you're at - whether it’s indoors inside of a building or out taking photographs while overlooking beaches and mountainsides all day long.

We recommend a muted outfit over anything else (if you have a choice).

Again, we will be writing a very detailed article on this subject.  It’ll dive very deep into color theory and why picking the right colors can sometimes matter more than the outfit itself.  Stay tuned for that.

What “types” of photography do you offer?

Generally speaking, we specialize in portrait photography.  Specifically, single subject, couples, and family portraits.  This includes holiday sessions (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)  We also offer holiday mini-sessions throughout the year.

What “types” of photography do you not offer?

As of right now, we are not offering services for Maternity, Newborn, Birthday Cake Smashes, and Weddings. Although – we do plan on offering these services in the future when we have more experience under our belt! So don’t forget about us!

Do you travel outside of San Diego for photo sessions?

Yes.  We’re more than happy to accommodate our clients, no matter where you need us. We do charge a travel fee based on distance.  This is on a client-by-client basis – which is discussed when you reach out to us!

What is your availability?

We are available 7 days a week for sessions.  We request that you speak with us first before booking a photo session during the week – but, generally speaking, if the time is available on the calendar – we’re free for booking.

What kind of photo packages do you offer?

We have 3 tier packages based on type.  These include:

  • Single Subject
  • Couples
  • Family

You can find our packages here.

Do your prices include prints?

Our prices do not include prints.  Prices are for digital delivery and an online gallery only.  We partner with Saal-Digital to meet your print needs.  Contact us to discuss print and framing options.

Do you accept deposits?

As stated above: We accept retainers.  Retainers will reserve your spot and will count towards your overall package/invoice amount.  The remaining balance on your invoice (after accounting for the retainer) is due before the session begins.  Retainers give us the right to retain funds should a client decide to skip, forget, or just not care about a photo session.  At that time, no funds are due back to that client.

Are my photos completed edited when I receive them?

Yes, all of your photos are professionally edited by Jeff and uploaded to your own personal, password-protected, online gallery.

What’s photo proofing and how does this benefit me

“Proofing” is a gallery made by a photographer that has all of your images in it.  Usually, these images are watermarked (to avoid theft).  The images are either edited or unedited (depending on how your photographer chooses to proof) – and you’re able to see and choose which image(s) you like the most.

  • We offer a proof gallery at the backend of the delivery process.  Meaning, we choose the photos that are best to edit – completely edit them and deliver them to you proofed.  They’re final, watermarked versions of your images.
  • You can then choose the images you like the most depending on the number of photos that we’re included in the package you ordered (and any extras).

This benefits you greatly with the freedom to choose the images you like the most as opposed to giving you the ones we think you’ll like the most and having you choose from there.

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