Fall Harvest Photo Session

JnR Photography

Serving the greater San Diego area, we offer a very unique Fall Photo Session!

Designed by Reyna herself - the setting and location combo equates to you obtaining unique and original Fall photos of your little ones!

Don't worry though - we offer the same package for couples (or if parents want to jump in for a few photos).

This particular mini-session runs for 2 weekends.  We typically book from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m every Saturday & Sunday.  We do take requests for sessions during the week - but these sessions will be 30% more than the weekend - because of the out-of-schedule setup and breakdown of the scene.

We are (as of writing this article) one of the very few that offers heavily themed Fall mini sessions - and the only photographers offering this level of quality.

Every mini session includes:

  • 1 location and unique setting
  • Up to 4 subjects (including pets)
  • 20 minute session
  • 5 professionally edited photos (that you're able to choose)
  • Addons available (extra photos, subjects, etc.) at booking
  • Private and password protected gallery
  • 7 Day delivery
  • Print release

Take a look at examples below - and signup for our newsletter below to be notified when this (and other) mini sessions are available and possible discounts to those sessions.  We give our subscribers first dibs on sessions before running ads/sharing on social media!

***Images below are of much lower quality (resolution) than your final delivered images.  This is to reduce bandwidth/load on our server and make the page load faster for you!  Your final images with be much higher in resolution.***

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