All Photo Sessions Open!

Can you believe it's almost September? Nearly 75% of the year is over... where did it go?

I hope everyone has had a splendid year thus far with continued joy and success in the coming future!

We're opening all upcoming mini sessions from now until the end of the year.  These sessions include:

  • Fall Harvest
  • Day Of The Dead
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

Continue reading to learn about the dates and how we're structuring our mini's for some of the most popular sessions of the year.

Dynamic Pricing

To better serve you - and to ensure you're getting the date and time you need - we have implemented dynamic pricing.

It's pretty simple - the price increases the closer the sessions get to the last bookable date.  Every week the prices increase by 20%.

This only applies on the booking date (except for the final 3 sessions of Christmas).

For example: Say you wanted to book the third week of Christmas.  If you look at the chart above - the third week of Christmas is $190.  That price only applies if booked within that week.  If you booked it today, your price would remain $135.  The same idea can be applied if you were scheduling for week three but you're booking during week 2 - the session would be $160 for the third week (instead of $190), because you're booking for the third week but actually booking it during week 2.

This does not apply for Christmas sessions scheduled for the 21st 22nd or 23rd.  Those remain static at $250 with rush delivery (+$50) required.

Again, this gives you the incentive to book early so you can lock in what you want and it gives us a better idea of what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions about the pricing structure - please send us an email at or shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Dates Times & Everything Else!

Click on the buttons below to learn more and book your session!

Fall Harvest

Using both a unique setting along with fall colors - we'll capture that moment in time, beautifully.  Come and have a relaxing time in Balboa Park - while capturing your moments in time.

Dates: 11,12,18,19,26

Times: 4-6pm


Day Of The Dead

Building on what we offered last year... Using outdoor flash photography, we capture you beautifully with detailed face paint and Day Of The Dead inspired props and headpieces.

Dates: 16,17,24

Times: 1-6pm


Using a unique location in San Diego, we take some amazing photos of you and your unique look/costume and then composite (the ones we deem fit) into spooky Halloween creations!

Dates: 2,3,23,30

Times: 4-6:20pm, 3-6pm (respectively)



With Christmas being one of the most important holiday (to most) - we create an amazing scene and using the environment along with flash to capture your Christmas photos this year!

Dates: 11/13,14,28 - 12/4,5,18,19, 21,22,23

Times: 1-4:20pm

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