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Creative Family Photoshoot Suggestions (Unique Photos)

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July 18, 2021
creative family photoshoot
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If you want to take a break from the same posed portraits that are hanging in your home, then there is so much inspiration out there. 

Whether it be funny or goofy poses with everyone giving each other high-fives and fist bumps, cute shots of toddlers cuddling their baby brother on his first day at school, or hilarious candid snapshots; these family photo shoots capture as many moments as possible through creative photography. These creative family photoshoot ideas are really going to help you out.

By the end of this article, you'll be equipped with some great creative family photoshoot suggestions to make those memories stand out that much more!

Family Silhouette Photos

creative family photoshoot

These are some of the best creative family photos right now.  It's actually pretty simple to pull off.  All you need is either a DSLR/mirrorless camera - or a modern camera phone with a 'pro' camera app.

In either the app or the dslr - frame the scene like you want it (the more clouds, sunset, drama - the better) - get everyone where you need them - and in your settings - increase the shutter speed until the foreground is dark - and the sky is exposed nicely.

It takes a little practice but you'll get the hang of it.  It's one of the easiest creative family photography ideas out there!

Reflections Are Interesting

creative family photoshoot

Try out this fun idea to capture a moment with your family. Have everyone stand in front of a still body of water, and then you can take pictures from different angles using the natural lighting around you! You’ll have some awesome photos that will be perfect for framing on your walls or sitting next to other sentimental items like paintings or keepsakes.

You can capture something very similar on an ocean beach.  It’s achieved the same way – but your reflection is created with the water that crashes onto shore.  It’s a little trickier than still water – but any decent photographer can pull it off.

Footprints Are Timeless And Creative

creative family photoshoot

If you still have young children in the house, use your feet to create a special image that can be framed or printed on canvas. The photo could show your feet intertwined at the foot of the bed for some cozy memories or it could capture them exploring sand with their toes outstretched.

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This has been a staple of beach photography – or a “timeless” image.  Footprints of you and a loved one or of the entire families footprints slowly disappearing in the distance.  There is no reason you shouldn’t have your very own – of your family.


creative family photoshoot

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, why not line your family members up and take a shot from the side so that they can see their faces in profile.  Different angles/perspective automatically change the mood of an image. 

For instance – taking a picture from down low and pointing slightly upward towards the subject – gives the image or subject a sense of power.  Almost as if they’re towering over and looking down on you.  We suggest playing around with angles to achieve the look you’re looking for (or a new look all together)!

Dressing Up Can Be Creative And Fun!

creative family photoshoot

The best family photos are those that capture a genuine moment between loved ones. Have your husband and son get dressed in their Sunday best to get a shot of them fastening their ties or bowties in the mirror. Play dress up with your little girl by placing curlers in her hair, too, then have you two look at yourselves together while singing songs about how much you love each other! Don’t be afraid to get creative at next shoot; ask us for advice if you need some extra help.

Dressing up and capturing those moments has, by far, the most creative and unique potential.  The possibilities are nearly endless when you start thinking of all of the people/things/heroes that your family can be.  It can build confidence in younger ones as well (more on that in a different article).

You Now Have A Great Start For A Creative Family Photoshoot Session!

creative family photoshoot

Creativeness is subjective – and the results are equally subjective.  BUT, these creative ideas will lead you in a direction that’ll grow into something of your own.  Your own creative take on your family photos.

Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer how you want the photoshoot to go- the angles of the shots, and even a shot list of the different shots you want.  Remember, you paid for your photo session.  If your photographer won’t accommodate to what you want – you need to find another photographer.

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Leave any other questions, feedback, and suggestions below – we love hearing from you all!

Until next time, take care and stay safe out there!

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