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May 15, 2022
How To Flip Images In Photoshop

Do you want to learn how to flip images in photoshop? Look no further! We will teach you a few ways you can tackle this task!

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May 14, 2022
How To Export Multiple Photos In Lightroom

Do you have multiple images in Lightroom and want to export them all at the same time? We show you how to export multiple photos in Lightroom a...

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February 24, 2022
Best SD Card For Sony A7 IV

Harnessing the A7 IV's full potential requires a specific SD card. We will discuss everything you need to know about the best sd card for Sony A7 IV...

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November 15, 2021
Canon EOS R vs Sony A7iii: Which One Is Better?

Seeing as you're considering either the Canon EoS R or the Sony A7iii - we thought we would pit them both against each other: The Canon EoS R vs Sony A7iii. We can talk about specs and performance all day (which we will dive into a little) - but the most important aspect is how these two camera systems compare in helping you with your needs. Our article will dive into many comparative aspects...

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October 25, 2021
How To Make More Money With Your Photos Using ShootProof

When running a business, there isn't much else more important than maximizing your time and efforts while offering your clients the best experience possible. Giving your clients a great experience is one thing (very important) - but learning how to increase profits off of every shoot can be incredibly tricky. That's why we have created this article for you. We will touch on a few aspects of why this method works - along with...

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September 13, 2021
Best Micro SD Card For GoPro Hero 9

With so many different SD cards on the market today, choosing the right one for your GoPro hero 9 can be very confusing and challenging. With different capacities, speeds, bit rates, and performance classes, which is the best micro SD card for GoPro Hero 9? That is what we're going to answer for you in this article. Not only that...

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September 12, 2021
Best Memory Card For GoPro Hero 8

With the rating, capacity, speed, and form factor differences of so many memory cards on the market today - no wonder so many people are confused by them. I mean, you just obtained your GoPro Hero 8 and want to shoot video. You want to do so with the best memory card - so what’s the best memory card for the GoPro Hero 8 then? That’s what we’re going to answer for you today...

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September 10, 2021
Best SD Card For GoPro Hero 7 Black

The GoPro Hero 7 Black was released in late 2018 with a few significant improvements over the previous generation. Personally, this is the last GoPro model that we purchased. With nearly a 4-year gap, technology has advanced significantly - especially in the memory card department. Regular SD cards, micro SD cards, CF Express, and other versions - what's the best SD card for GoPro Hero 7 Black...

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September 5, 2021
Best Memory Card For GoPro Hero 6

While the GoPro Hero 6 wasn't as successful as the Hero 5, it still holds its own nearly 6 years after its release. But, seeing as 6 years have passed, what's the best memory card for GoPro Hero 6? There are so many options on the market - knowing which memory card is the best is more important than ever...

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September 4, 2021
Best Memory Card For GoPro Hero 5 Black

Released in 2016, the GoPro Hero 5 Black is regarded as the best-selling GoPro of all time. With that being said, it's still a very capable action cam even for 2021 standards. With the Hero 5 Black releasing nearly 6 years ago - time and technology have progressed substantially. So what's the best memory card for GoPro Hero 5 Black? We will discuss resolution, frame rates, memory card capacities, and memory card speeds...

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