Jeff & Reyna Photography

Our Story

It all started in Virginia. Reyna had moved from California to Virginia to work for the government... and I (Jeff) was working for Dominion Power. We met in the summer of 2018... where our businesses and relationship began...


We started JnR Photography in early 2019 as Ravenrealm Productions. We focused on video only. After deciding to move to California (back home for Reyna) - we decided to shit gears completely. In December of 2019 - Jnr Photography was born.


Our vision (or mission statement) is to be the ones that people 'look at' to capture important and precious moments. This, as we all know, requires trust. We have and continue to strive to be trusted by the greater San Diego area... and seen as photographers that have the skill and knowledge to take on any task.

The Importance Of Photography...

This is something we thought that was really lacking in the photography space (and still do).  We have met countless photographers that do it for the money, and the money only.  This is what solidified the idea of photography and why we started JnR Photography.  While we use what we make to pay bills - we accommodate everyone and think of our clients first, and not the money.


Over the last 3 years, we have improved our craft ten-fold.  Literally.

We have devoted the last 2+ years in improving in client experience, lighting (natural and flash photography), editing, web design, marketing, etc.etc.etc.

The list goes on and on...  But one thing will always remain true...  We continue to improve and offer something new and exciting to our current and future clients...  Every month is something new!
Our Portfolio


We both love art in general.  I (Jeff) have been drawing since I was a child and incorporate that everyday into my editing.

Reyna owns her own jewelry/headpiece business where her passion is art & customer satisfaction come into play.

We love all kinds of music - but if I had to choose my favorite, it would have to be late 90's and early 2000's Rock (Breaking Benjamin).  Reyna can't make a choice, she's that diverse!

Our Timeline


Our First Picture

This was our first picture taken on a Canon T6 in November of 2018 (Washington D.C.).  I (Jeff) had dabbled in photography years before that but never took it seriously.  It was on this day that I knew a camera was a great way for us to give back and be very creative with.

First Flash Pops!

In February of 2020, we took the plunge by investing both finances and time to learn and utilize flash.  This is by far one of the best moves we've made and continues to set us apart and make our photos uinique.

Most Recent Work

The difference between our first photo and most recent, are night and day - and this is with 'only' 2 1/2 years of hard work.  We can wait to see what our work looks like 2 1/2 years from now (and all the wonderful people and families we will meet along the way!).