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It all started in Virginia. Reyna had moved from California to Virginia to work for the government... and I (Jeff) was working for Dominion Power. We met in the summer of 2018... where our businesses and relationship began...


We started JnR Photography in mid 2018 as Ravenrealm Productions. We focused on video only. After deciding to move to California (back home for Reyna) - we decided to shit gears completely. In December of 2019 - Jnr Photography was born. In February of 2022, we decided to move and settle down in Seattle Washington!


Our vision (or mission statement) is to be the ones that people 'look at' to capture important and precious moments. This, as we all know, requires trust. We have and continue to strive to be trusted by the greater Seattle area... and seen as photographers that have the skill and knowledge to take on any task.
Why We're So Passionate About...

The Importance Of Photography...

As a family, you go through so many different experiences. You buy a house and get married - then the birth of a new child. You'll eventually send that child off to school for the first time. Vacations, holidays, ups and downs, and everything in between. Having a family is amazing.

One thing that doesn't change, for anyone, is time.

Time is our biggest enemy. It's one of the very few things that we have no control over. You can't pause or rewind. It continues to move forward - and it seems that the older you get - the faster it goes...

Well - what if I was to tell you that you can pause time. You can freeze a fraction of a second to forever be able to look back on that moment whenever you want.

It's this idea that makes us so passionate about what we do as photographers. It's what drives us to want to capture the moments in your life that you'll cherish forever.

Starting our photography business on the east coast in late 2018 - we decided to bring the same love and passion for photography, here to San Diego, California. It's an amazing feeling to see that we've been 'accepted' in the community so well and continue to grow our presence and trust within the greater San Diego area.

We decided late 2021 to relocate.  We wanted a change and decided to settle down in Seattle, Washington!  We are currently in the process of ironing everything out (logistics) - but we have been in Seattle since February of 2022 - and will keep everyone posted on our progress and when we will be accepting clients again!

You won't find another duo like Reyna and I (Jeff). We bend over backward for those who are just as passionate about capturing their important family moments as we are about taking them.

We offer a great product and an even better experience - both of which show in our work and loyal customers across San Diego county.

We can't wait to meet and get to know you!
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