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5 Photo Craft Projects Your Children Will Love

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July 18, 2021
photo craft projects
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Children are always looking for new ways to be creative. Whether it’s finger painting on a Saturday morning or making the best spaghetti portrait of their dog, arts and photo craft projects are a surefire way to get them out of their comfort zone while having some fun in the process!

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One way to spice up your child’s next arts and crafts project is by incorporating their latest photos into it. It's a fun, easy way for them to cherish the memories they had while creating something special with mom or dad!

Below are some fun ideas!

Frame your memories (every year)

photo craft projects

One of the best ways to display your favorite memories is by making a frame. There are so many different frames that you can make with your children, and they can be used for any occasion!

For example, if you're heading out on vacation this summer but want to bring back some cute souvenirs from the beach then gather up all those shells or sand dollars before packing them away. They'll look great in whichever picture frame it is that captures your family's day at the shoreline together - just try not get too much salt water on their smiling faces when selecting which photo will go inside!

Create a jigsaw puzzle

photo craft projects

Why not bring your kids' favorite photo into their playtime with a puzzle? Simply print, coat and cut out the jigsaw shapes. Kids will have hours of entertainment making this activity theirs!

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Not only that, but the process of putting together a jigsaw puzzle is an engaging way to learn about shapes and colors. Not only will your child have fun with this activity, they'll also sharpen their spatial reasoning skills as well!

Craft A Fridge Magnet

photo craft projects

Get your child to draw something from their imagination and leave a space for you to take photos! They can try drawing things they love such as animals, cars, or people. The laminated drawings are perfect magnets that will decorate the fridge while also keeping all of your precious memories together in one place.

The best thing, all you have to do is laminate and stick a magnet sheet on the back. Too easy right! 

Make A Mobile

Making a mobile is not only fun, but also creates the perfect centerpiece for any family gathering. They're easy to make and can be made from materials around your house! We've got some great examples here on Pinterest that you should check out if you want more inspiration or information about how to create one of these beautiful displays.

Creating A Yearly Scrapbook

photo craft projects

Another great craft photo project is creating a scrapbook every year. They'll enjoy looking back at all of the fun you all had throughout their childhood.

Children will also love this super easy and inexpensive photo craft project that can be done in less than ten minutes! All you need are some white construction paper, a pair of scissors, glue stick or tape, and markers (optional).

You now have 5 photo crafting ideas to do with your kids

We hope these 5 photo crafting ideas have provided some inspiration for you and your kids! The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

It’s all about finding something your child enjoys, while also getting them involved in a fun activity that can help them develop skills they need now or will use later on down the road. If you try one of our crafts this week, be sure to share photos with us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see how much fun everyone had during their craft time together!

Which of these projects are you planning on trying first?

Until next time, be safe and enjoy those precious moments with your children!

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